Romano Family Top Secret Recipes

Top secret recipes and Italian families seem to go hand in hand. Welcome to Michele Romano's Italian cooking recipes including Geeg Toscano's prized pasta shuta recipe!

Growing up in a large Italian family was so much fun!

Italians are passionate,about family, food, good wine and hospitality. Especially the wine. lol.

The Romano Family

Romano family gatherings are truly memorable and feature plenty of the above.

Image: Joe and Dorothy's 40 year wedding anniverary
Everyone is constantly talking at once sharing Italian recipes and stories. Hands are flying. (You know your Italian when, it is impossible to talk with your hands in your pockets.) There is never a shortage of food or laughter! One time I ended up with an imprint of a fork on my sleeve compliments of my brother Dana's exuberance! This explains his new site Those crazy Italians!

I am one of five brothers and sisters. We all love to cook. We boast many great original recipes, as well as numerous golden oldies that have been handed down and preserved through the generations. Just let me loose in the kitchen!

Whenever an occasion called for a turkey dinner, my Dad's spaghetti and meatballs were always included (along with plenty of vino!) I remember the word my great grandmother, Carmella, used to say to us children, "mangia, mangia". She never spoke any English whatsoever, but we sure knew what that word meant. "Eat", and we did! Try Carmella's red rib stew.

Top Secret Recipes

My father, Joseph (Guiseppe) Romano, was one of 11 brothers and sisters. Everyone of them is known for their incredible Italian pasta recipes. This is where some of my top secret recipes come from. Dad could make a pot of the most amazing soup out of a clove of garlic! Well that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. My mother, Dorothy Romano is in a league of her own when it comes to good old fashioned cooking. Dorothy's roasted rosemary chicken is exceptional. The gift and passion for cooking has certainly been passed down through the generations.

Luigi (Geeg) Toscano

I am not a certified professional chef. However, I have been blessed with a gift from God, image: Italian Olive Market by way of my parents and heritage. Geeg and Angeline Toscano have also played a big part in my passion for cooking. For over twenty years I had the amazing privilege to be present from time to time as Geeg created indescribable Italian pasta recipes. He was always in his glory while cooking sharing his Italian recipes with me. Sadly, God called Geeg home May 16 2008. His spirit lives on through the people whose lives he touched and the cherished recipes he left behind.

Treat yourself and try Geeg Toscano's stuffed pepper recipe, Guiseppe Romano's original pasta fagioli recipe, my delectable Eggplant Parmesan or any and all of the other Romano / Toscano Top Secret Recipes. Everyday at noon, Felix Toscano (Geeg's father) enjoyed Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e (spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, chili peppers and anchovies). You will find this recipe in the Romano Toscano cookbook.

Upcoming Cookbooks

Bookmark . Try all the free, savory recipes supplied. Watch for the premiere of my two remarkable new cookbooks, Romano/Toscano Top Secret Recipes and Heavenly Scent Recipes . Do these three things, and you will always have your choice of Top Secret Italian cooking recipes and a variety of one of a kind, to die for, Heavenly Scent Recipes.

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