Heavenly Scent Homemade Soup Recipes

Company coming or just limited time? Michele Romano's Heavenly Scent Soup Recipes to the rescue. Absolutely delicious easy healthy meals in a pot for whatever circumstance you may find yourself in.

When I get unexpected guests or loved ones traveling home, my recipe for hambuger soup is the answer. No timing necessary. Just prepare and put it on stove ahead of time to cook. When your guests arrive, serve with one of my outstanding bread recipes. Everyone just loves it. You can choose your own favorite soup to serve from any of the free recipes below.

These inspired Heavenly Scent Recipes will have you longing for a hot bowl of homemade soup all year round, not just when companies coming or on a cold winter day. Although I have to admit, as autumn starts to arrive on the scene, it isn't long before my mind starts dreaming of steaming soups and savory stews. After all, soups are not only warming to the tummy but right through to the bones when the temperatures begin to drop. At least here in Canada!

I Have a Large Selection of Soup Recipes

When I take a gander through my large selection of recipes, it would be a travesty not to create these easy healthy meals throughout the entire year! Fresh and creamy borscht, very tasty potato leek soup, zesty Italian zucchini soup and delicious corn chowder made with fresh or frozen corn cut off the cob. Wow! You have to try them to believe how good they are.

I rarely use a recipe. My father Joey Romano, taught me how to make a pot of soup, out of a mere clove of garlic! (That is a bit of an exaggeration, but not that far from the truth.) Many of the creations I make originate with a base of usually garlic, onions and celery. For broth I always use homemade or store bought organic veggie, beef or chicken stock.

When the occasion calls for it, I also love making chicken or turkey soup combining plenty of healthy vegetables, noodles or rice. You may also want to try my creamy butternut squash soup, my cheesy cream of broccoli soup or my Dads lemon chicken rice soup that will sooth away a cold or flu. Whichever of these easy to prepare recipes you decide to make, they are all winners. You will not be disappointed!

For more on eating healthy, I find The Health Benefits Times very informative.

Date Published: Date Modified: March 14 2016
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