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After all who else is there???Image: Michele Romano Recipesimage: Dan and Michele Kropinak Lol! Hi, I'm Michele of Michele Romano Recipes. Well, actually Michele Kropinak, Michele Romano is my maiden name. My Husband says I'm a character, I guess he's right. I do like to have fun and enjoy life. The truth is, I am a Christian and I strive daily to put God, my family, and Christian values first in my life. I don't always succeed however, therefore "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone" (just please don't throw it at me, I still have a scar on my lip from the last one! lol.)

Michele Romano Super Bowl Sunday Michele Romano Chopping Wood Michele Romano Recipes

What makes Michele Romano Recipes different from all the other recipe sites??

  • First of all, it is not just a recipe site, it is an Information Centre.
  • I am an eye witness on the front lines of health, natural nutrition, and eating delicious food!
  • I didn't learn in a class room, I learned in the Kitchen
  • I'm constantly educating myself. I read articles and books on related subjects daily.
  • I speak my mind on controversial subjects such as GMO'd foods etc. (watch my website for upcoming "Spoonful of Controversy" articles!)
  • All my recipes come from family heritage or inspired from God to me. (He has given me the insight and ability to create or tweak any recipe into a Heavenly Scent feast).
  • Michele Romano Recipes offers the opportunity to laugh while finding what you need or want. After all, laughter builds your immune system!
  • Young mothers, new wives, single Dads, do you need help or advise on anything? Ask me! I will be setting up a social network soon. Until then, use my Contact Me Page I will get back to you asap.

I am very excited to share my passion and knowledge with all who are in need or just browsing. Add me to your favorites, subscribe to my blog or just check in whenever you want to.

A Little More About Me

I was born and raised in the picturesque Creston Valley in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. You might wonder, "Where in the heck is Creston"? Well come on, we are the home to Kokanee beer! Lol. Creston is located approximately seven miles from the United States border heading into Idaho. It is a small little community nestled in and surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers.

Creston Valley Creston Valley Sunset Kootenay Lake View

Creston is a fruit growing area, my husband calls me his (Creston Peach), Image: Creston Peach known for its incredible agriculture, nature and wildlife, plenty of art and music and even a couple of wineries! (Move over Kokanee!) For a tiny little place, Creston Valley is full of rich history and oddly enough, the time never changes here for heavens sake!!! I love it! lol.

As for me, I think I was born in the kitchen, Image: Michele Romano Baby Picture(or at least my mom bathed me in the kitchen sink) lol. I am very zealous and always will be about cooking, creating and sharing delicious healthy meals, dinner ideas and recipes with family, friends, and now with you. Believe me, I come by it naturally and honestly being born and raised in a large Italian Family. My father was one of eleven brothers and sisters, (I can't even count all the cousins) and I am one of five brothers and sisters. Every one of the Romano family, male and females alike, has a gift for cooking and hospitality!

Now I have been blessed with my own large family, two beautiful daughters, two great son-in-laws, two grandchildren (yes grandchildren)(one more precious little girl on the way) as well as two amazing step daughters, one gorgeous step son, their mates, and five more step grandchildren! (although Dan's mom, Alice, used to always say "there are no steps in family") I love it!

Joe and Dorothy Romano Jordan Dannica and Roman Dannica and Chelsey

Chelsey's Daughter Evelyn Dawn Kropinak Family Jodie and Tyler at Boat For Hope

I am not a professional chef, and I have not been to cooking school. I have learned all my life, hands on in the kitchen! I have gleaned from some of the best including all of my family that has come before me. I also have to mention personal direction from my very dearly departed friend Image: Michele and AngeLuigi Toscano who was an amazing Italian chef. To me, there is no better school than that!

My favorite part of every day is to get cooking in my kitchen. Although Italian food is my first love, it is not my only love. (I simply love food,,,oh yeah and have I mentioned red wine?) I have been inspired for many years not only to create my own recipes, but to gather a repertoire of only the very best recipes from various cuisines and nationalities around the world as well as family and friends here and there.

I have to mention once again, the thrill I experience everytime I study the health benefits of pure and simple food in it's natural state. I am particularly fascinated learning about all of the super-foods, grains, herbs, spices, oils, organic fruits and vegetables etc that our Creator has put on this earth at our disposal!

Michele Romano's Herb Garden

Michele's Basil Plant Michele's Dill Plant Rosemary Plant Italian Parsley Plant

There is so much that we can learn right at our finger tips about the protection and prevention against major health issues that we are facing daily in this modern world. What excites me the most is incorporating all of the above powerful ingredients into everyday fantastic meals, recipes and dinner ideas!

By the way, you do not have to live in the country to grow a successful herb garden. Dan Mowinski has a website called the Urban Turnip (love that name) He lives in London England. Follow Dan for any advice you city dwellers may need to know on how to grow your own flourishing herb garden.

Michele Romano Being Michele Romano

When I'm not creating in the kitchen, I love reading, walking, exercising, singing, and playing with my grandchildren! Most of all I love spending time with my husband working on my website and writing cookbooks. (Dan is building and designing Michele Romano Recipes by the way, hence all the pics of me!)

Michele Romano Image: Michele Romano Garlic Tale Image: Michele Romano Bye For Now

Dan and I are both romantics at heart. Therefore our candlelight dinners with mood music and recipes for romance are very important to us. (If steak is on the menu, Dan cooks it). We have a lot of fun laughing and teasing each other. These are some of the ways that keep our relationship fresh and exciting. I will be sharing more via my e-book "Recipe for Romance". Watch for it!

Thanks for taking the time to read my About Me page.

Again, add me to your favorites, or subscribe to my blog. Either or both will keep you up to date on all my latest activities, recipes, articles, e-books, etc.

You can also check out Dan's latest websites Survival Bog, an alternative news site, and Survival Solutions. Bye for now

Michele Romano


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