Michele Romano Italian Soup Recipes

My father, Joey Romano has a gift for creating incredible homemade Italian soup recipes out of, what seems like, just a clove of garlic! All his homemade soup recipes are absolutely savory and delicious. You definitely will want to try his pasta fagioli soup recipe. No matter what ingredients he uses or what soup he makes, the aroma fills the house. (And the taste explodes in your mouth!)

Dad has passed the gift of making incredible homemade soup down to his children. I love to create my own hearty, easy healthy Italian soup recipes. Old world Italians have a saying, "Make what you can with what you have". It's so true, and that is my advice to all the young mothers out there reading this article.

Unexpected company? A big pot of Italian hamburger soup is the answer. Serve with some fergosa bread and your problem is solved. This soup is not only nutritious, being full of vegetables but very economical and feeds a lot of hungry mouths. You have to experience my hamburger soup to truly understand how good it really is.

Try my recipe for the famous Italian wedding soup or maybe my wholesome mini meatball minestrone soup recipe for some other healthy dinner ideas that your family will most certainly enjoy! I know this from experience as I get calls from friends, my daughters, in-laws, outlaws, you name it, all on a constant basis for my homemade soup recipes.

Can Anyone Say Zucchini??

Watch for this recipe in my upcoming cookbook Romano / Toscano Top Secret Recipes

image: Italian Zucchini Soup

Tips For Making Incredible Soup

  1. It is always a bonus if you can make your own stock out of turkey / chicken carcass or ham bone. However I also make many delicious soups using store bought organic chicken, beef or veggie broth.
  2. Most soups should have a base of onions, celery and sometimes garlic, I saute this in olive oil or butter depending on what kind of soup I am making Carrots are usually a main ingredient and always fresh vegetables whenever possible.
  3. Fresh herbs and spices if they are available to you. Click for health benefits
  4. Do not over cook if you are adding pastas or rice.
  5. Always appropriate amount of salt, if sodium is a concern, you can use Braggs liquid aminos, all purpose seasoning. It is a fantastic alternative that I use in many soups, stews etc.


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