Italian Seafood Recipes

Classic Italian seafood recipes handed down generation to generation from the Romano family tree (or kitchen as it were). Seafood and pasta recipes you could only dream about before today!

Michele Romano Recipes Is Going To Share Italian Seafood Recipes With You

How does Wine garlic prawns sound? Maybe Garlic shrimp pasta. The Italian cod soup is devine. (In fact I think I might need some intervention as we speak!)

So yes, I will be sharing these and many other Italian seafood recipes on my website and in my upcoming cookbook Romano/Toscano Top Secret Recipes . Including, my late great friend and Chef Geeg Toscano's Baccala recipe as well some very special Romano family recipes. Speaking of Baccala, I would like to share a funny story. My Dad, Joey Romano used to cook Baccala (a type of fish Italians love) every Christmas. I never tasted it when I was a little girl because I thought it smelled like stinky feet when it was cooking! Lol (Sorry Dad, xxoo). I am happy to tell you that it does not taste anything like it smells!

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The more I delved into my past the more I excited I became with cooking and critiquing many of the old Italian seafood recipes I have on hand from years gone by. Adding my own flare, taste and healthy ideas to each recipe as I go. Like my meal in a pot of Chicken and Prawn Stew.

Did you know Ligurian fish stew has made its way into the homes and restaurants of North America. Simply prepared with shrimp and whatever fresh fish that is in season at the time. Same as my brother-in-laws famous Oceans Eleven Clam Linguine. (Well, maybe it hasn't made it's way into Restaurants around North America yet but it certainly has made it's way into my cookbook lol. It's delicious!)

As you know, it is always good to buy as fresh as is possible depending on where you are located. Living in the interior of B.C., I get particularly excited when the fish and seafood truck comes to town! That is when I can make delicious double smoked bacon wrapped Scallops or my Garlic Shrimp Marinara Sauce with pasta and when fresh halibut is in season, I make a simple low fat Halibut tomato feta dish that is deadly!

In many regions of Italy, Italians are famous for their fish and Seafood recipes! Notwithstanding my Italian heritage, I was amazed at just how often fish and seafood are consumed in Italy. Traditionally my ancestors loved food from the sea and they know just how to prepare it! Usually quite simply. Image: Italian Fish MarketThey relished buying fresh seafood right from the source. Which is why most Italians go to their local fish markets to buy from the fishmongers and sometimes right off the boats! Particularly in places like Venice,famous for their preparation of soft shelled crabs, or Le Marche renowned for its Adriatic seafood, and Sicily's famous for their tuna. The tip of Italy, called Calabria has two coastlines providing plenteous amounts of fish and seafood. In each different area, Italian people are loyal to their specialties.

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