Authentic Italian Salad Recipes | Homemade Salad Dressing

Looking for delicious Italian Salad Recipes ? Get the easy healthy recipes with their own fabulous homemade salad dressing!

The Salad section of Michele Romano Recipes is my Favorite. The simple reason being that I find these easy healthy recipes irresistible.

Italian Salad Recipes

There is oodles of healthy salad recipes and homemade dressings to choose from! From Geeg Toscano's unique and delicious Italian Potato Salad Recipe, to incredible Italian pasta salad recipes, not to mention, the delectable roasted garlic Caesar salad recipe. The list is endless!

Image: Michele Romano's Caesar Salad

My husband teases me and laughs because I always say "I could make a meal out of this salad". . . He always replies "go ahead, that leaves more meat for me!" (Of course, he is a meat and potato's guy) Well he used to be, that is ... until I got a hold of him. You can do the same with your whole family by utilizing the free salad and homemade dressing recipes on my website. For these and more incredible Italian salad recipes (such as my chickpea salad or my father Joey Romano's tomato and garlic salad ) watch for my first upcoming cookbook, Romano/Toscano Top Secret Recipes . You will really want to add this unique cookbook to your repertoire.

I always try to serve a salad of some sort with all my meals. Many times I really do make a meal out of a salad which is what you will discover in my second cookbook, Heavenly Scent Recipes . One example is, my sirloin and balsamic portabella salad.

Make Your Own Homemade Salad Dressing

I rarely purchase store bought salad dressing. They sit on the shelves for months on end! You can only imagine the amount of preservatives that goes into one of those bottles. Once in a great while I may purchase a salad dressing from the health food store when I can recognize the names of the ingredients. I have created many of my own homemade salad dressing recipes, such as my artichoke dressing. I like to mix in with an Italian green salad. I have also collecting many great recipes over years from family and friends etc. Here is a link for a few easy healthy salad dressing recipes as well.

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