The Best Italian Cookie Recipes Ever

Are you looking for the Italian cookie recipes ? Michele Romano Recipes have a large collection of traditional divine dunkers or low fat, low calorie Italian cookies.

Satisfy those carnal urges . You deserve it!

My husband Dan loves dunking cookies. He especially loves my homemade Italian raisin cookies . If you need or want to be more level headed, (or skinnier waisted) take a look at my exquisite selection of low fat, low calorie Italian cookies .

Free Italian Cookie Recipes

It is surprising how there are so many variations of cookie recipes. Yet they can be hard to find in the average cookbook. First of all you have to try my lemon-lime basil shortbread cookie recipe. The baked Italian biscotti is also becoming more and more of a trend these days as they are lower in fat and calories than most other cookies. Not only for this very important reason, they are also divine dunkers for creamy cappuccino, hot chocolate or a steaming cup of Chia green tea. Italian biscotti cookies look especially appetizing in a decorative jar, tie a ribbon around it and you have a fabulous gift for any occasion. Two easy yet tasty biscotti recipes to try are crunchy chocolate biscotti or Godmothers orange biscotti.

Next up on my list of delicacies is cookies for everyday eating, such as frosted Italian cookies or Italian apricot cookies, and as I mentioned, the deliciously unique lemon-lime basil shortbread cookies. If the occasion calls for a slightly more of a fancier cookie, try a cucidata (filled Italian cookies) such as Neapolitan tartlets or filled almond balls. Don't forget there is a great selection of fabulous cookie recipes for the holidays as well such as Florentine sweets or pistachio Christmas cookies.

Remember friends, the secret to making excellent homemade cookies is lots of love .

What's your favorite Italian cookie? Click on my contact page and send my an e-mail. I will get back to you with a recipe for them if needed, I promise.

Remember, you don't have to be Italian to love Italian cookies. Just ask Dan, he's Polish. lol.

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