Michele Romano Italian Breakfast Recipes

Ultimate collection of Italian breakfast recipes for allImage: Michele Romano Recipes blueberry muffins special occasions! Michele Romano breakfast recipes, a combination of traditional, unique, creative recipes, all healthy and all delicious.

You will love my recipe for spinach frittata with mushrooms or learn how to make homemade breakfast sausage step by step! I will share many of these Romano family recipes and techniques with you here now and also in my upcoming cookbook "Romano / Toscano Top Secret Recipes". Follow me!

Traditional Italian breakfast recipes. It is so quick and easy to make a veggie filled Italian frittata topped with Fruilano or cheddar cheese and a hearty piece of multigrain toast. Or, something the whole family will love is some homemade Italian ricotta pancakes topped off with fresh fruit and pure maple syrup!

Looking for unique Italian breakfast recipes?

How about Geeg Toscano's Italian poached egg recipe. (One of my favorites) Two farm fresh eggs poached in homemade or store bought organic chicken broth? I was in heaven when Angeline Toscano first made this breakfast for me! Add in a few pasta noodles from the previous night dinner, such as rigatoni, rotini or penne. Then complete your breakfast with fresh chopped Italian parsley and tons of grated fresh Parmesan or Romano cheese on top! Oh yes and do not forget the sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Creative Italian Breakfast Recipes

How about creative breakfast ideas? Rather than sugary cereals laced with high fructose corn syrup, how about some good old fashioned oatmeal? Grate in some apple , add raisins and cinnamon and organic almond milk. Or maybe some organic plain yogurt, topped with fresh or frozen berries, aquave syrup and a scoop of organic granola of some sort? Another one of my quick yet healthy favorites is two farm fresh eggs poached on a piece of my whole grain homemade toast with fresh sliced tomatoes and avacados on the side. Delish!

Breakfast is the beginning of each new day! It does not have to be unhealthy to taste good. Breakfast is very important for sustaining your body, mind and soul. The first meal contributes to the regulation of blood sugar levels and very importantly gives our bodies energy for what we may have to face and conquer throughout each day of our lives. Consequently, it is vital to plan ahead and make decisions about what foods to choose to refuel with, so to speak.

It just takes a little imagination to make the slight but important changes for the future health of you and your loved ones. Incorporating more grains, fruits, veggies, yogurt and free run organic eggs is a fabulous healthy choice to start your day!

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