Italian Bread Recipes

Our best Italian bread recipes for you from Michele Romano's kitchen: Italian garlic bread, focaccia bread, machine or hand made - we have the perfect recipe for you.

Rarely does an Italian meal not include bread in one form or another.

So Many Italian Bread Recipes To Choose From So Little Tummy Room

For instance, heavenly focaccia bread dipped in the finest extra virgin olive oil combined with aged balsamic vinegar . Yum! Italian garlic bread made with fresh garlic, herbs and real butter! Don't forget homemade Italian cheese sticks , Italian herb bread or tomato-basil bread. It is a pleasure to have so many varieties to choose from. Did I mention my Italian Fergosa Bread Recipe. Wow!

If you have a bread maker, you will be able to explore several possibilities. Although, I know my parents did not have one, (nor did their forefathers) which leads me to say that there is still many Italian bread recipes that are achievable without one! Did you know that the ancient Romans were the first to actually produce flour for bread making in their oven thousands of years ago. Baking prospered in the Roman Empire as early as 300BC. It wasn’t until 168BC that the first Bakers Guild was formed. Within 150 years more than three hundred specialist pastry chefs thrived in Rome.

Italians have a particularly high standard for their bread. When baking bread they are known to allow the yeast to work for several hours making the bread rise to it's fullest giving the bread a thin crust and moist interior. The hot fresh bread Image: olive oilsoaks up olive oil, vinegar, delicious sauces and toppings of all sorts.

It is a must to have at least one of these savory bread recipes to go along side of an antipasto platter. I always try to use organic unbleached flours and as natural ingredients as possible.

Note: We have to be aware that they are genetically modifying wheat now that they are calling super-crops and it is my belief that many people's bodies have a hard time digesting GMO'd foods. This is another reason so many people are on gluten free diets these days. I will be adding a section in a future book that will be gluten free friendly.

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