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Authentic Italian beef recipes at their mouthwatering, crowd pleasing best! Great Italian dinner ideas with best Italian veal recipes.

Where's the beef you say?? Michele Romano Recipes has the beef (and the veal for that matter)!

You can prepare the best beef recipes simply by roasting, frying, baking or even stewing. That it what is so awesome about Italian cooking recipes , you can add ground beef in the form of Joey's spaghetti and savory meatball recipe (Mom makes the meatballs), or drop a well seasoned spinach and cheese stuffed steak right into your simmering sauce.

Low Budget Italian Beef Recipes

Image: Michele Romano's Italian Stuffed Meatloaf

Beef is available in a range from luxury costs of filet mignon, roasts of varying cuts, to a more budget friendly ground beef. It is the challenge of knowing how to prepare all these forms of beef while making the most of the best buy cut, your budget allows without sacrificing flavor. Stuffed Peppers Royale is a real treat to eat and fairly cheap to make. That being said, I like to always try to purchase the closest to grain fed beef as I can for any and all of my Italian beef recipes. You have to try my Italian meatloaf recipe! It's a top-notch ground beef recipe, you will love it.

Italian Veal Recipes

Many people out there would fancy making a Veal Parmesan recipe or a baked veal cutlet dinner. For some of us, veal may be out of our budget. Luigi Toscano, (a fabulous chef and good friend of mine) proved that you didn't always have to use the more costly veal. Geeg would take a more economical cut of steak and tenderize it. Geeg's favorite trick for tenderizing steak was to pound it on both sides with a meat mallet. Then depending on the recipe, Geeg would bread the steak in egg and flour. The melt in your mouth results were amazing! Even the fussiest beef connoisseurs on the globe would not know the difference. Here is a useful link for more beef tenderizing tips.

Watch for many more fabulous Italian beef and veal recipes in my upcoming cookbook, Romano/Toscano Top Secret Recipes .

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