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Enjoy your Italian dining experience with one of my top Italian Appetizer Recipes including fergosa breads, roasted garlic and fresh roma tomato bruschetta .

I don't know about you, but when I walk into an Italian restaurant, I am looking forward to a mouth watering adventure from start to finish! From the gorgeous Italian waiters... oh, hold it, sorry honey, just kidding! In all seriousness, people are drawn to the romantic ambience of an authentic Italian setting.

Italians have a saying, "you cook what you can with what you have". Dad still recites those old school values today. I live by them. Speaking of which, I recently stumbled across a restaurant in Vancouver called The Poor Italian. (Cool name) I plan on taking it in next trip to the coast. Apparently they have an award wining wine list to go along with the old world values. Nice!

Here is just one example of "The Best Restaurants as Picked By Romans"


Found in the area of Ponte Milvio, MET is a crossroad of styles and trends. A hotspot for the trendsetters and jet set of Rome. The menu at MET offers a wide range of choice to meet the different tastes of its trendy clientele. image: Italian Restaurant The Ponte Milvio itself has become a rendezvous for young lovers due in part to the phenomenon of the "Love Locks ". Couples lock a padlock on the street lights of Ponte Milvio and throw the keys into the river below, hence making an unbreakable bond of love. Today, "Love Locks", are also popular in other locations like Venice and Milan. Beware though, it can cost you a pretty hefty fine, so think twice before going ahead and doing it.

I love a nice glass of Chianti while savoring decadent nibbles from an antipasto platter. The word antipasto image: Italian Antipasto Platter says it all meaning "before the meal". Italian appetizers serve to get your appetite going as long as you do not overdo it! Make sure to save room for the next three courses!

The rich culinary traditions of Italy, still reigns supreme in many of today's restaurants as well as many home kitchens including the part that Italian appetizer recipes play with its array of marvelous morsels such as fragrant focaccia breads, marinated vegetables, roasted garlic spread on a crusty Italian baguette or fresh roma tomato bruschetta. Not to mention the variations of olives stuffed and not stuffed! The Italian cheeses that are so tasty, you can eat them for dessert with fresh fruit, cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Gargonzola, and Fontina. I love the sound of all those Italian names!

The great news is that you don't have to go out to a restaurant to experience the allure of the Mediterranean and its Italian fare. You can prepare authentic Italian healthy appetizer recipes like the ones I mentioned above in your very own kitchen! Bookmark this page and try the free recipes provided at your own leisure. For these and numerous other flavorsome Italian cooking recipes, watch for and purchase my new cookbook, "Romano/Tuscano Top Secret Recipes " due for release early this fall. Enjoy!


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