Heavenly Scent Appetizer Recipes

Discover the secrets to creating a wealth of Heavenly Scent Appetizer Recipes

bursting with so much flavor you and your quests will be wishing you had way more tummy room.

All my recipes are easy to follow and fun to create.

From the youngest to the oldest...(and some of us can still be kids at heart) most people of all ages love those lip smacking finger foods.

Image: Michele Romano's Stuffed Mushrooms Royale

Michele Romano Recipes has a fabulous assortment of appetizers to choose from. I sometimes make a meal out of these tasty morsels simply because they are so very enticingly delicious, fun to create. On these occasions I like to include a variety of tastes, textures and colors, including a mixture of hearty and low fat appetizers as well as hot and cold choices.

My husband loves to snack on an assortment of appetizers while he is watching a day of football (Ugg!) or hockey (Yeah Canucks!) A quick appetizer or snack does not have to be unhealthy fast food. It is always my goal to use fresh, organic, whole foods as often as is possible.

Sample some of my guaranteed crowd pleasers listed below such as the deviled egg recipe, black bean hummus, or the three layered taco dip recipe. You will always receive rave reviews. These are just a few of the many easy healthy snacks and/or healthy appetizers recipes that you could make for your children or even for dinner without compromising flavor or nutrition.

Note: Regarding eating healthy, I find Health Benefits Times very informative.

Please watch for my upcoming cookbook, "Heavenly Scent Recipes" for a greater selection of choice heavenly scent appetizers. There, you will also find many great healthy dinner ideas for those of us that are rushed off our feet in this day and age and yet desire to feed our families within our budgets and as wholesomely as we can.


Take A Leap of Faith With Michele's Heavenly Scent Appetizer Recipes

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